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About us

Hey y'all! Did you know that we are a locally owned and family run business? The idea started with Bret, the tall bald fella. He brought his friend and co-worker, Ben, in on it - the other tall fella.

Ben and Bret spent countless hours remodeling an old Albertson's into what you see today! Engineers by trade, every step of the way was planned out in minute detail. The labor was intense! Family and friends were recruited to help pitching in many hours as well.

Bret's wife, Heather and Ben's wife, Tina got to work filling booths and advertising the new venture. Over 200 vendors joined the journey and signed up to be Lone Star Mercantile's inaugural vendors. The door opened August 14th, 2017.

Between the two families, there are a LOT of kids and we fully plan to take advantage of that to the max extent that child labor laws allow! Haha jk, but seriously...

Lone Star Mercantile is truly a labor of love and we are so proud to be part of this community. Our vendors do an amazing job creating their individual booth spaces and we could not exist without them!

Our Purpose

Behind each booth at LSM is a person, a small business, a dream. Our upscale booth spaces allow local businesses a chance to share their dream with the community. Over 250 vendors provide customers with a unique shopping experience and the ability to shop small to help support our local community!

We love to have fun!

Part of the experience when shopping at Lone Star is being able to freely roam the many aisles and provide some good ol' retail therapy. From the good music to the free wine, we're here to have fun with you!